Orukurato (Parliament)

Orukurato – Bunyoro-Kitara Parliament in session

The Parliament of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom is called Orukurato Orukuru orw’Obukama bwa Bunyoro-Kitara. This has been in existence from the beginning of the Kingdom of Kitara, there has always been a supreme legislative council which legislated subject to the approval of the Omukama.

The Speaker of Orukurato (Parliament)’s official kingdom title is “Omutalindwa”. Orukurato is responsible for legislation for the kingdom, passing of kingdom budgets, among other similar roles.

It is composed of representatives clans within Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom for effective representation of every member of the kingdom. In addition to the representative councillors, other members of the Orukurato are the coronet wearers, “Abajwarakondo”.

The Abajwarakondo are very important and respectable citizens having been appointed by the Omukama in recognition of their heroic deeds, especially during time of war, or for civil service rendered to the Institution of the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara. They are identified and given special recognition by the king, for this, they wear an identifying head gear, a string of beads around their necks as a sign of distinction in society.

Abajwarakondo’s homes are always an equivalent of a royal court of some kind befitting of the honour bestowed upon them by the king.