Omutalindwa (Parliament Speaker)

Owek. Isaac Kalembe Akiiki

Owek. isaac is Omutalindwa (Speaker) of Orukurato (parliament) of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom.

He assumed office in October, 2018

Tel: +256 702 958728


Full Biography

Owek. Isaac Kalembe is a professional journalist, writer, communicator and researcher. He holds a Mass Communication Degree (Makerere University, Kampala), a Masters in Media Management (Global Open University, India, 2008) and a Masters in Business Administration (ISBAT University, Kampala, 2019).

Majoring in public relations, Kalembe has hands-on experience in writing, editing, publishing, advertising, social media management administration, broadcasting and publicity. Since 2005, Kalembe has been working with the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) – the regulator of the communications sector in Uganda – in a variety of positions.

This experience, combined with his earlier work in a variety of situations (as a Sub-Editor, Station Manager, and Communications Officer, among others), has given Kalembe a clear and practical understanding of organisational communications needs.

Specifically, as a Public Relations specialist, Kalembe helped design and develop UCC’s communication policy, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, Public Relations Strategy, the Commission’s Brand Manual, Information Data Bank, among others. He has also offered media and PR consultancy services to a number of organisations and individuals.

In addition, Kalembe is an important opinion and cultural leader. In 2018, the Omukama (King) of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom (BKK) of western Uganda, His Royal Highness Dr Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I, appointed him as the Omutalindwa (Speaker) of the Orukurato (Parliament) of BKK. In this capacity, Kalembe presides over lawful Orukurato sessions.

In this new role, Kalembe is keen to promote democracy, freedom of expression, legislation and good governance through a dynamic and robust Orukurato.

Married with children, Kalembe believes in family values, culture and moral uprightness. He is an outgoing character with good communication and interpersonal skills. He has an insatiable appetite for knowledge and skills; and, is ever reading, writing, communicating and researching on new topical issues.

Born to a Catholic mother and an Anglican father in 1968, Kalembe is a strong believer in God. Love, trust and faithfulness rank high among his personal values. He embraces ecumenism, cultural relativism and gender inclusiveness.

An adept writer, Kalembe is the editor of the Bunyoro Journal, Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Magazine, and Wamanya – a bi-monthly Runyoro-Rutooro newspaper. He is currently writing a book on a prominent African legend king Kabaleega of Bunyoro, who defended his people and kingdom against foreign dominance.

This book, entitled, The Life and Times of Omukama Cwa II Kabaleega, is still work in progress. However, part of it was posted online for academic purposes under the title: Omukama Chwa II Yohana Kabaleega: A fresh perspective Timeline (

Click to teach Gmail this conversation is important. His other books still in the pipeline are: his autobiograph entitled Isaac Kalembe: the boy from rural Hoima; one on his clan, entitled The Babyasi: My Clan; another one entitled; Clans and Totems of Bunyoro-Kitara; and, Our Proverbs with their Meanings.

Kalembe is also a potential entrepreneur, who sees self-employment, innovation and ingenuity as solutions to poverty and unemployment. He plans to establish a multi-billion mango-juice extracting factory in rural Hoima. It’s blueprint, which started as a Business Plan coursework at ISBAT University, is ready. Indeed, it started in 2002 when, he planted two acres of mango trees at his home estate.

And, Kalembe is passionate about sustainable use of environment. Over the years, he has advocated the planting of trees – especially indigenous tree species such as mivule and mahogany. He thinks trees should be grown, not necessarily for commercial value, but for posterity through environmental protection.