Invest in Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom

Bunyoro-Kitara is an ancient Kingdom in the Great Lakes region of Africa, which until 1895 was a state that only ceded its sovereignty with resistance to colonial occupation by Britain.

Repressive colonial policies resulted in lost time for developing the area, despite vast resources. To date, the Kingdom has embarked on transformational activities, targeted at development of the people and area in Bunyoro-Kitara with the Theme of “The New Bunyoro-Kitara”

King Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I is the raining Ruling King. The Kingdom is composed of 6 districts Hoima, Masindi, Kibaale, Kiryandongo, Buliisa, Kagadi and Kakumiro. Bunyoro-Kitara Kindom cover the area of 7,173 mi²

Why INVEST Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom?

  • Social stability since 1986 with a strong cultural background.
  • Well endowed in Natural resources (Human and Minerals).
  • Consistently improving infrastructures.
  • Trainable and fast adaptable workforce
  • Welcoming population and No labour tensions.
  • A unique tropical climate with three agricultural seasons, well endowed with forest cover and water bodies.
  • We are in good working relationship with government in support to regulatory frame work incentive and political environment

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