Office of Batebe

The current Batebe is Omubiitokati Jane Kabahanika Kaijamurubi.

Full details about the Office and Role of Batebe below:


The Abakama (Kings) of BunyoroKitara Kingdom ascend to their thrones with their sisters or cousins as co-rulers. This custom is practiced in all cultural succession events. The said Queen Sister was original called the Rubuga, but is currently called the Batebe. They are chosen for their vast experience and knowledge of cultural norms. Her duties among others include instructing members of the Royal family in palace etiquette. She also serves as a counselor to the King’s subjects on cultural norms including marriage.
In 1300 when Prince Kato KIMERA then Chief of Muhwahwa County (now Buganda Kingdom) rebelled against his twin brother Omukama Isingoma Rukidi Mpuga of Bunyoro, he adopted this Kinyoro custom and named one KABONESA as his co-ruler/queen sister. Initially and in line with the origin of the custom, the Baganda called her LUBUGA, now she is called Nalinya.
Similarly, in 1822 (19th Century) when Bunyoro Kingdom’s Omukama Nyamutukura Kyebambe III’s eldest son Prince Kaboyo Olimi I rebelled and established his independent kingdom, the Toro Kingdom. Kaboyo took the custom with him and in Toro Kingdom today, this queen sister is also called BATEBE.
In the late 1600s (17th Century) when Toro Kingdom, Kooki Chiefdom and Eastern DRC where still under Bunyoro Kitara
Kingdom, Omukama Chwa I Ente Nkole Rumoma mahanga led his army to Rwanda to subdue chieftaincies that had begun threatening to become independent. He unfortunate died of wounds in battle. His sister and then Batebe of Bunyoro
Kitara Kingdom Omubiitokati (princess) Masamba Ga Winyi ruled the kingdom for a considerably long time until she was murdered by Chwa 1’s son Prince Kyebambe 1 Omuziikya who became the 12th King of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom under the Babiito Dynasty. Queen Masamba Ga Winyi, the first female ruler in East and central Africa, is listed as the 11th Omukama of BunyoroKitara Kingdom. Her reign was categorised with peace and she is to-date a great inspiration to many a Feminist.
The Current King of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom Omukama Agutamba Solomon Gafabusa Iguru 1 named his last born Omubiitokati (Princess) Daisy MASAMBA Nkwanzi after this great lady. Similarly in the neighbouring Buganda kingdom, one of Kabaka Ronald Edward Frederick KIMERA Muwenda Mutebi II’s brothers is called Prince Robert MASAMBA Kimera Ggolooba probably after this great queen.