Paraphernalia Houses in the Palace Enclosure ( Amaju Go’mukikaali)

The king’s palace enclosure (Ekikaali) is comprised of many buildings scattered all over the palace and the surrounding area. The word Ekikaali which is usually erroneously used to refer to the king’s palace actually means ‘enclosure’(orugo or orukomera).

In reality, Ekikaali is the entire perimeter that includes the palace and all the other buildings therein. Each of the houses in the Royal enclosure (Ekikaali) serves a particular function and in most cases has a name related to that function.

Most of these houses date back to the early days of the Babiito kings of BunyoroKitara Kingdom. There were some ordinary houses, which were used as residences by the people who lived within the palace enclosure. Others were ritual houses, or houses for specified purposes. In essence, some of these houses were not all always physically built – even though they were supposed to be there. Modern style buildings made some of these houses unnecessary because they could accommodate several more people.

The status of the present-day monarchy may not require many houses – save for the ritual ones. Over time, the names became customary, save for a few functional houses. The following are the names of the houses found or identifiable with the Royal enclosure:

1. The Karuziika: The main palace; with the current one located in Hoima town. It is said that the first palace, when the Babiito became kings of BunyoroKitara, was built under the supervision of a person called Ruziika. It came to be popularly known as Ruziika’s small house (akaju karuziika) which eventually was shortened to karuziika.

Other buildings found in the king’s enclosure, are indicated here below:

2. Barwaara (the king’s judgement hall )

3. Ibandiro

4. Icwamitwe

5. Ihundiro

6. Ijwekero

7. Kabagarama

8. Kacwabwemi

9. Kacwamagosi

10. Kadebede

11. Kadenda

12. Kaitabasiru

13. Kamurweeya

14. Kasenda

15. Kiduuma

16. Kihuukya

17. Kiitabadoma

18. Kitoogo (Enju ya Okwiri na Ababiito)

19. Kyakato

20. Kyambukya

21. Kyamunuma

22. Kyokya

23. Manywayo

24. Mucwa (Enju ya Batebe na Ababiitokati)

25. Mugabante (the palace front-gate)

26. Rwemiigo

27. Rwengo

28. Rwenyana

29. Rwikya